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Latest COVID-19 Updates

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Updates – 15/09/20

Australia Post Entry Quarantine facility (PEQ), – Christmas shutdown period

The Post-Entry quarantine facility will remain fully operational and continue to accept booking requests for animal reservations until the final animal arrival date of Friday, 11 December 2020. As in previous year’s, PEQ booking reservations will be closed over the Christmas period and will recommence on Tuesday, 5 January 2021.

Updates – 17/08/20

London Animal Recpetion Center-

The HARC team recognises that there is backlog of animals that need to get to their final destination and we want to work with all parties to make this happen. This backlog does however mean the HARC is over capacity on a daily basis and this is something we cannot allow to continue with no end date in sight. For that reason the HARC have taken the decision to implement some interim measures/restrictions. We hope this will allow us to maintain a more manageable throughput but if this is not the case we will have to consider additional, more restrictive measures.

• There will be a limit on the number of the animals the HARC can accept on any one day.
• The HARC will still not be accepting any dog and cat shipments on weekends unless in exceptional circumstances.
• Each flight will be restricted to a few animals. That being said the total number of pre-notified animals over the course of the day will also be taken in account and if over capacity on that day the shipment will not be accepted.
• The HARC will only accept pre-notifications from airlines.

With immediate effect, Singapore Airlines has put a Stop to flying animals into London Heathrow and Frankfurt for the month of August till further notice.

Updates – 13/08/20

Melbourne Updates –

Yes, we are still flying animals to Melbourne pending Qantas space availability. Please also note that Qantas airfare has increase drastically.

Updates – 10/08/20

Melbourne Updates – Flight Cancellations on Singapore Airlines

WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, Singapore Airlines cannot accept any LIVE Animals into MEL until further notice.
All pending booking and for those shipments that may have been booked and confirmed in the month of August’ 2020, has been cancelled.

Updates – 05/08/20

Melbourne Updates – Flight Cancellations

With immediate effect, all flights to Melbourne on Qantas has been cancelled as of today. Flights on Singapore Airlines has been cancelled for the rest of the week.
We do not when the terminal will reopen. They are updating us day by day. We are hopeful that it will be open soon, but it is currently unknown.
Do not panic, we will contact you to arrange a different date.

Updates – 07/07/20

Melbouren Updates

Melbourne is currently in lockdown for the next six weeks, and we know many of you have questions about how this will effect travel arrangements into and around Australia.
To address some of those questions.

– A flight diversion is in place for 2weeks ending July 15th meaning no international passenger aircraft are to land in Melbourne while the government reassesses the quarantine plan for people arriving and isolating for 14 days.
Not all flights will be affected by the diversion as it pertains to flights carrying passengers and many we know are cargo only, we are currently still flying pets into Melbourne from SIN.
– Animals can still arrive into Australia (provided they are not going to be diverted) as quarantine is operating as normal
– Owners who want to collect their pets from quarantine should be okay to do so if they are not coming from a lockdown zone of which there are 32 areas. Clients should know if their suburb is included. If they are in those zones we encourage a delivery service to be arranged on their behalf.
– The lockdown has meant cutbacks on domestic flights to and from Melbourne so please check with us. Some flights should still be running but this does also mean high competition for limited spaces so book ahead as best you can. Please note there is still potential for last minute flight cancellations so to be aware of this when booking.
– We have road services available as an option so please get in touch early if you need to utilize these services where flights are no longer an option.

Updates – 28/06/2020

Lufthansa Flight Cancellations

Lufthansa has cancelled all flights for the month of July till further notice..

Updates – 17/05/2020


We are pleased to announce that the transit embargo for all live animal shipments via FRA with Lufthansa will be lifted effective June 2nd, 2020.

With the lifting of this transit restriction, the pet premium service is once again offered.

Lufthansa Cargo’s flight schedule and the number of flights are still limited, especially passenger flights.

But, from June onwards, the number of passenger flights will increase slowly.

The following destinations will be added to and from FRA during the month of June:



More flights to be added after June 14.

Updates – 15/05/2020

Singapore Airlines has begun accepting all dogs and cats on all destinations that they are flying to. Standard 14 days home Quarantine to be fulfilled.

No snub nose and its crosses and no animals on the B787.

Updates – 13/05/2020

KLM Cargo starts carrying Live Animals again!

KLM is starting again!
But not back on track for 100% yet. They are accepting pets to and from Amsterdam only and they do not accept transit shipments through Amsterdam KLM Animal hotel yet.
We are now flying pets to Amsterdam and can be cleared in Amsterdam by our associates and booked on the next flight to final destination.

Updates – 07/05/2020

Carriage of pets as cargo on Qatar Airways

With immediate effect, Qatar Cargo is now accepting transport of pets (cats and dogs) except pet birds* from all destinations on the Qatar Airways network to or via Qatar as cargo. 

Updates – 05/05/2020

Turkish Cargo

We are very glad to let you know that embargo on transit AVI shipments in force was lifted yesterday by Turkish Airlines.

    • The arrival station (country/station) embargoes as well as any additional restrictions imposed under Covid-19 should be checked and transport should be carried out after all requirements are met.
    • The embargo on AVI shipments destined to Turkey (with final destination TR) is still in force.

Updates – 05/05/2020

We are now putting dogs and cats on a once a week flight on  Qantas to Melbourne. Space is extremely limited at this time.

We can also go on British Airways to certain places in the UK, Europe, and the USA. However, the schedule is not fixed. Please check with us for flight information.

Updates – 28/04/2020

New Indonesia regulations with immediate effect.

  • Quarantine period of 14 days for pets coming from COVID-19 infected countries. (Means almost all country)
  • All pets need to have a negative result for COVID-19 using PCR and serology using test kit. Both test result needs to show negative. (As of now, we do not know where to run the test as the Singapore gov lab does not have it)
  • If during the quarantine period, the quarantine officer suspect any synthoms of COVID-19, the animal quarantine will re-do the test in the facility and a decision will be made based on the result of the test.
  • Animals coming from China and Thailand are now prohibited to be imported into Indonesia.

Updates – 27/04/2020


During this time of national/worldwide lockdown, we are dedicated in finding ways to assist our customers with their horses freighting needs when it is safe to do so again.

As national government across the world slowly reduce their restrictions, we believe this could lead the Airlines to accept a Risk Assessment Model for horse attendants, hopefully paving the way to having our professional grooms reinstated to travel on freight planes once again.

Rest assured that Shiloh Animal Express is doing all in our power to present all options to the Airlines involved so we can have your horses on the move as soon as safely possible.

We are hopeful that we will be able to report positive news in the coming weeks which will hopefully means we are able to move horses sometime in end June/July.

Please let us know if you would like to make tentative bookings or require any further information as we are fully available and ready to assist throughout this period.

Updates – 27/04/2020


COVID-19 has caused disruptions to international travel, and impacted the importation dates of cats and dogs into New Zealand. In response MPI will put existing permit requests on hold when requested by pet transporter companies and pet owners. When advised to proceed there will be no further charge. As soon as a permit application has been assessed the permit fee is payable regardless of issue status.

Import permits for cats and dogs will be valid for up to 30 days (not the usual 10 days).

  • Existing permits can be extended and reissued without any further charge.
  • Permits will only be issued or reissued for cats and dogs from category 3 countries if the rabies vaccination and titre test are valid through to the end of the 30-day period.
  • Importers and pet transporters are responsible for changing the quarantine booking if necessary.
  • The required timeframes for tests, treatments, and examinations have not changed.

As well as this, a 10-day extension will be applied to all import permits. If there are further transport delays beyond the 10-day extension (but no more than the 30-day validity period of the permit), retesting, repeat treatments, and repeat examinations will be required.