Pet Movers

Moving pets or animals to or from Singapore may not an easy process. However, it need not be a stressful event if you engaged a professional and experienced pet mover. With over two decades of experience as pet movers in Singapore, we know exactly how to treat your furry friends and get them to their destination comfortably and safely. We are dedicated to make your pet’s journey a smooth and a comfortable one.

International Pet Movers

An international pet moving are both complicated and time consuming to arrange on your own.  It can also be risky as travel requirements for pets are constantly changing in every country.

Shiloh Animal Express, you trusted Pet Movers is here to handle every aspect of your pet travel needs, in assisting you and your vet with the documentation requirements for your destination. Ensuring all necessary requirements are met will avoid any complicated problems upon arrival.

We will coordinating destination services for you and apply for all required permits on your behalf.
We will arrange your pet’s flight according to your desired travel date. 

We will arrange pick up from your residence, and transport  to the airport. Our hand picked trusted partners all over the world are able to assist with delivering your pet to your new home, wherever your final destination may be.

Your Trusted Pet Movers in Singapore

We are dedicated to moving your dog, cat or other pets in a safe and humane way. Your pet is part of the family and we know it. We take care of them like you do during the trip until we deliver on your own hands.

We’re pet owners ourselves so we’re passionate about pets. We understand the love and bond that you have with your pet and pride ourselves on handling yours with the same care we give to our own.

We will clearly communicate & explain the entire pet shipping process, give travel updates, and relieve any anxiety or stress due to the move of your pets.

Moving Your Pets Safely & Smoothly

Shiloh Animal Express will be there with your pet before he/she boards his/her flight. Our pet moving team aim is to ensure that smoothest and most comfortable flight for your pet. Most of the time, especially if your pet is travelling for the first time, he/she would not know what is happening. As such, we will be there to provide the comfort and soothe your pet before take-off. Also, we encourage our clients to have customisable flight kennels to increase the comfort level of their pet.

We treat animals with the same special care and attention as we give to our own. It is our passion, from collection at the aircraft, presenting documentation to Border Inspection Post and customs clearance requirements, ensuring animals are safely reunited with their owners as quickly as possible. 

Animals safety and comfort are our top priorities. While air travel can be stressful to passengers, it can be extremely difficult for animals. We are offering a designated shipping solution for live animals, designed to ensure the comfort and safety of all animals.

Things To Know Before Relocating Your Pet

Vaccinate your pet with up-to-date vaccinations (Rabies vaccine and Kennel cough vaccine).

Know the entire pet air and relocation process: Preparation Departures (Transit, if any) Arrivals.

Check if the country/state you are relocating your pet to has any restrictions on the types of animals allowed for importation.

Start crate training for your pet.

The Magic of Shiloh Pet Moving Service

Every client will be assigned a Pet Moving Specialist who will work closely with you throughout your entire pet’s air and relocation process.
We will try our best to adhere to your relocation schedule to ensure that the entire pet moving process, proceeds without any hiccups.
We will handle all the following:

PLANNING the most suitable flight for your pet and yourself Detailed research on all the travel options for your pet

EXPERT handling. Advice and answers to any of your questions throughout your pet’s relocation process. Teaching you what to look out for regarding your pet’s relocation such as overseas import regulations and quarantine requirements

CUSTOMISABLE air travel and/or relocation package. Plan a certain pet air travel and/or relocation package

ASSISTANCE in permit application. Complete assistance for permit applications for countries such as (and not limited to) the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand CITES permits for importation or exportation of any CITES animal

VETERINARY CARE from top-notch veterinarians. Consultative services with veterinarians blood sampling for rabies antibody determinations. Blood sampling for specific tests^ (e.g. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand etc). Necessary vaccinations based on your pets’ protocol requirements^

EXPORT-DOCUMENTATION island-wide Issuing of proper pet health certificate(s) from our veterinarians conveniently located island-wide to certify if your pet is fit for travel


After a flight, all a pet needs is some loving human contact.

We will be there personally to welcome your pet as he/she touches down. We will clear the customs together with your pet and send him/her to the delivery address. All in all, we will be coordinating to ensure the maximum safety and comfort of your pet.

STAYING THROUGH quarantine checks

  • Co-ordination of quarantine checks
  • Ensuring that your pet is safe and comfortable
  • Quarantine Visitation and exercise

DELIVERY to specified address

  • Personally welcoming your pet upon arrival
  • Clearing of custom checks
  • Personally sending your pet home if no quarantine is needed
  • Background checks on all drivers and overseas personnel

We will provide status updates, as and when needed, on your pet(s).
Preparation > Departures > (Transit, if any) > Arrivals


Pet migration to overseas

Shiloh Animal Express will be there with your pet before he/she boards his/her flight. Our aim is to ensure that smoothest and most comfortable flight for your pet, as a part of our pet migration to overseas services. Most of the time, especially if your pet is travelling for the first time, he/she would not know what is happening. As such, we will be there to provide the comfort and soothe your pet before take-off. Also, we encourage our clients to have customisable flight kennels to increase the comfort level of their pet when exporting their pet overseas.


Customisable flight kennels to export your pet overseas

Custom-made and comfortable flight kennels are available for order for giant dog breeds^

Plastic kennels based on specific measurements*

Preparation for pet migration to overseas at the airport

Ensuring your pet has sufficient water through his/her flight

Final checks on flight kennels

Rest and relax during transit
(only for long-haul trips)

√  Your pet will be removed from his/her crate, fed and watered

Trained professionals to provide rest stops on long-haul trips, long          transfer times or trips with overnight stops during pet migration to overseas

Cleaning of travelling crate/kennel

*All our flight kennels/containers adhere strictly to both United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal Transportation Association (ATA) and International Animal Transport Association (IATA) requirements.


Are you arriving later than your pet? Are you leaving the country before your pet? Shiloh Animal Express has boarding options for your pet should you arrive later than or have to leave the country before your pet.

Your pets will be treated like members of our family as he/she is boarded at Shiloh’s 6-star resort. We do not overcrowd our dog area and if your dog is non-sociable, we will still ensure that he/she gets his playtime, walks and utmost personal attention. We offer an immense amount of luxury, comfort, safety, cleanliness and lots of fun and cuddles for your pet.

Animal Safety


How we care for your pet’s safety

Air travel is as safe for pets as it is for people. Your pet will be travelling in a special cargo compartment within the aircraft. This compartment is both climate controlled and pressurized for your pet’s safety and comfort, and it is on the same air circulation system as the cabin. Most pets will be laying down comfortably on soft bedding in their crates during the flight. Elderly pets and pets with medical conditions may at times present a higher risk, that’s why you need to choose a company that cares for your pets!


After 10 tense days, we finally have our pets in our new home. I would like to commend Shilo Animal Express on their excellent and painless service. Getting our Three dogs from Singapore to Perth Australia involved the dogs traveling to Melbourne first before arriving at Perth. Everything from the preparation and execution went very well under the umbrella of Shilo Animal Express. We had a feeling that Jamie cared for our dogs and she kept us at ease with timely updates and answering our queries expeditiously. We are very happy with the service and will wholeheartedly recommend Shilo Animal Express. Thank you Jamie.

Joachim Cheong

Lance and Jamie were extremely patient, professional and reliable. We moved to NZ from SG with one cat Momo and dog Nana and they both arrived Wellington safely and healthy after 10 days quarantine in Auckland. Highly recommend Shiloh!!
Hannah Huang

We moved our first child back to Melbourne from KL. There were issues with him being a king Charles spaniel cross. Shiloh was extremely professional and reassuring from the my initial questions all the way to Stitch reaching home.
I would highly recommend Shiloh. The pick up service for vet checks, etc was also a bonus.
Thanks Lance, Jamie and the team.

Jamie Hoi

Thank you, Lance and Jamie! This would not have been possible if it weren’t for the professionalism and knowledge. Jamie and Lance were instrumental in ensuring that all documents were accounted for and ready, working in coordination with my dog veterinarian, making sure that we all followed the strict timelines set out by New Zealand Quarantine.For anyone unsure what company to go with for your pet’s move, I can wholeheartedly recommend Shiloh Animal Express.
Jaejin Kim