Which airline takes pets?
Only full-service airlines carry LIVE ANIMALS. All Budget airlines, and Silk Air, DO NOT CARRY ANIMALS.
Pet Travelling as EXCESS BAGGAGE

 In this alternative called excess baggage, the airline will never take any responsibility for the pet, only the container, regardless of what is inside. The passenger only receives a baggage ticket or receipt, just as for any other suitcase. The owner is wholly responsible for the animal, and it cannot travel in the passenger cabin on international flights. This is why your best friend must be housed in a rigid container up to IATA standards. The size of the container will depend on the breed and the dimensions of your pet. Only the passenger can make this booking along with their airline ticket. Routes below are NOT permitted for Excess Baggage.

  • Into/Out of Australia
  • Into/Out of Brunei
  • Into/Out of Denpasar, Bali
  • Into/Out of New Zealand
  • Into/Out of South Africa
  • Into/Out of Turkey
  • Into Dubai
  • Into Hong Kong SAR
  • Into Sri Lanka
  • Into the United Kingdom


Pet Travelling as MANIFESTED CARGO
At SAE, we are the specialists. We make estimates accordingly. When your best friend travels as manifested cargo, the airline takes over responsibility for the pet in transit, not just the container.
You may question why a veterinary visit is required even for a short flight. The reason is simple: the airline has to know that your pet is ‘fit to fly’. They (and we) do not know your animal and responsible airlines will not accept your pet without this examination certificate. For all international flights, the appropriate International Health Certificate is required as well as a current rabies vaccination certificate.
Your pet will travel on an Air Waybill (AWB) and the airline may require the consignee at destination to acknowledge an ‘OK-to-Forward’ before we can load the animal on the plane at departure. We can make cargo bookings on your behalf provided we have a full name, address, telephone and email address for the consignee.
What is the temperature in the cargo hold?

Typically ranges from 16 to 20 degree Celsius

Will someone feed my pet or will someone be with my pet in the aircraft?

No, there will be no one at the cargo hold with your pet. This is strictly not allowed.

Is my pet relocation tax deductible?

United States only: IRS Publication # 521 (“Moving Expenses”) states that pet moving is a tax-deductible relocation expense when your relocation and moving is for purposes of change of employment. Consult your tax advisor for further information.

During transit, where will my pet be?

Depending on the transiting country, a vet will check on your animals upon arrival if we transit through Amsterdam, London or Frankfurt.
Frankfurt Animal Lounge 

KLM Animal Hotel

London Animal Reception Center


Should my pet be tranquilized or sedated for the trip?

The American Veterinary Medical Association and International Pet & Animal Transport Association (IPATA) strongly recommend against tranquilizing your pet. We refuse to transport an animal that appears to be sedated.
Many pets travel well without sedation if they have had time to be accustomed to their crates before travel. It is also possible that stressed owners transfer stress to their pets. As some pet owners may be anxious about being separated from their pet, we urge owners to remain calm when around your pets so as not to unnecessarily transfer stress to your pets.

Can I rent my pet’s crate?

We do not rent crates except between Singapore and certain parts of Malaysia, since the cost of return shipment generally exceeds the value of the crate. Most pets are usually more relaxed when traveling in their own familiar crate that does not have any residual scent from unknown animals that previously travelled in the crate, so we urge owners to provide new crates for each pet.

May I send personal belongings with my pet?

Except for Australia, Yes. You can attach small personal items : a serving-size bag of food, a leash and collar to the top of the crate, but please don’t send anything valuable since these items can become detached during shipping, or be confiscated by the airline, customs or quarantine. Comfort items or items with a familiar smell eg: a blanket or towel, can go inside the crate as an absorbent. Many pets like to have a favourite toy with them, but do not include large bones or other heavy objects that could be hazardous.

Before the trip, please prepare two portions of your pet’s food in two separate ziplock bags. We will attach these portions to the outside of the crate at pick-up time, and they will be available in the unlikely event that your pet’s trip is delayed.

What if my pet needs to urinate/pee during the flight?

“Potty accidents” are common, that is why we line the bottom of the crate with a thick layer of towel or personal bedding items to absorb any in-flight accidents. Like humans, your pet may experience a little dehydration during the flight, which will reduce the need for urination.

My dog is a snub nose dog. Should I never fly with a short-nosed pet?

We’re not saying you should completely avoid air travel with your pet, even with a short-nosed pet. Knowing there are risks is half the battle won, and with proper precautions, you can minimize the risks. If you know that your pet is going to travel on an airplane, it really helps to prepare way ahead of time. We work with a few airlines to transport snub nose dogs and cats safely worldwide.

Can my pet be transported as cargo without being accompanied?

Your pet can also be transported as cargo without you accompanying him. That’s our specialty. Some countries actually require animals to be carried in the cargo hold only eg: London, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, UK to name a few… The safety and comfort of your pet is always our top priority, whichever way he travels. Your pet will either travel on the same aircraft as you, or on a different one.

For Australia:
The current entry to Australia is entry through Melbourne only. There are no other way. Quarantine is 10 nights at Mickleham Post-Entry Quarantine Facility in Melbourne. They are not allowed to arrive in one Australian airport and then travel on an Australian domestic flight to Melbourne. After Quarantine, we will then transport your dog to your required destination. No visitation is allowed for the 10 nights stay. No birds are allowed.

For New Zealand:
Dogs and Cats shall enter New Zealand through the following port of entries: Christchurch, and Auckland only.
It is 10 nights at any one of these facilities. No visitations to the Quarantine facility. No birds are allowed.

We need to leave the country first, how about my pets?

We will work you to arrange the most feasible option for your pets.

Are you able to collect my pets from a different location?

Yes, we can collect your pets anywhere in the island of Singapore and for Malaysia the city of Kuala Lumpur only (surcharge applies for other region).

Why is the airfare for cargo so expensive?

We need to leave the country first, how about my pets?

We will work you to arrange the most feasible option for your pets.

Are you able to collect my pets from a different location?
Yes, we can collect your pets anywhere in the island of Singapore and for Malaysia the city of Kuala Lumpur only (surcharge applies for other region).

Why is the airfare for cargo so expensive?
Applying Charge: The larger among “Live Animal Quantity + Cage weight” and “Volume Weight” is applied.

Ex: If dog/cat’s weight is 10 kg, cage’s weight is 15 kg and cage’s dimension is 60*80*50 cm, then:

① Actual Weight: 10+15=25 kg
② Volume Weight: 60*80*50 cm/6000=40 kg
③ Chargeable Weight of 40 kgs is applied for this shipment

Airfreight Charge and Extra Charges (fuel surcharge, security surcharge and others)

For Australia and New Zealand, what can I start doing now in terms of vet, vaccines etc to prepare him.

Depending on when you want to travel to Australia or New Zealand, preparation starts about 3 to 4 months in advance.

I notice there is a blood test required for Australia; is that conducted here or upon landing in Aus? If it is in Australia what happens if he does not pass?

The blood test is done in Singapore at the government lab. Dogs must pass all tests or will not be allowed entry into Australi or New Zealand.

Given the distance, will pets be checked on by a professional and provided food and water?

During the flight, be it cargo or excess baggage, no one will be with the pets. We will have water in the crate and we can only take care of your dog all the way to flight, upon arrival it will be taken over by Quarantine or our designated local partner.

When should I stop feeding my dog before flying?

When flying with a dog or cat, it’s best to refrain from feeding them for 4-6 hours before flying. This will cut down on your pet’s need to go to the bathroom while in the air. This will also prevent bloat during stressful situations.